Paul Scerri

Paul Scerri is an artist of a few words.   He excels in creating intrigue, and in depicting stereotypical characters, whilst delicately adding notions of injustice and narcissism. His sculptures are free to individual interpretations. Paul Scerri clearly describes his work by stating “the character of my work has effectively made a full circle since, from the figurative, I moved to abstract ceramic creation and now have now turned back to figurative work”.

His career exceeds more than thirty years, starting an artistic journey way back in the 1970s. Paul was lucky enough to embark on professional training under the eminent tutorship of Esprit Barthet. He then successfully landed a number of scholarships in Italy, namely at the Accademia Belle Arti Pietro Vanucci of Perugia.  This was followed by studies at the Istituto Statale D’Arte G. Ballardini in Faenza.  This was the juncture where he became enraptured by the clay medium.

He nourished his knowledge in design and decoration of ceramic tiles by completing his studies in Imola. Impressively, Paul Scerri was awarded first prize in Ceramics at the ‘1° Concorso Avis’ which was held in Faenza. This encapsulated his Italian experience.He returned to Malta to teach at the Art and Design Centre in Valletta.

Today, while still producing beautiful sculptures, Paul also works for one of the leading company that relates with marble and stone. Moreover, he is also a part-time lecturer in ceramics at the University of Malta within the Faculty of Education.



1985:                    Primo Concorso Avis, Comune di Faenza – awarded 1st Prize
1985:                    Non-Figurative Art Exhibition, Cathedral Museum, Mdina
1985 – 1990:       Annual Maltafest Art Exhibitions, Auberge de Provence, Valletta
1988:                    The Art of the Rising Generation – Chamber of Commerce, Valletta
1988:                    Mostra Internazionale d’Arte, Museo del Risorgimento, Rome
1989:                    Malta, 25 Years Independent – Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta
1989:                    Muzikafest, foyer of the University Assembly Hall, University of Malta
1990:                    Contemporary Maltese Ceramics 1990 – New Gallery Auberge de Provence
1991:                    Arti Indipendenza 1991– Centru Robert Sammut, Furjana
1999:                    Ceramics, This Decade – “Il-Foyer”, National Labour Centre
2000:                    Ceramics Exhibition – Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta
2005:                    Six Generations of Maltese Contemporary Artists – The Valletta Waterfront
2006:                    Art in the Environment – Freedom Square, Valletta
2007:                    Dun Gorg Preca, minn idejn l-artist – Foyer, Dar Centrali tas-Socjeta MUSEUM
2010:                    Itinera IV – Italian Cultural Centre, Valletta
2010:                    A Tribute to Mothers – Palazzo Parisio, Valletta
2010:                    Incanto, Terza Rassegna di Arte Contemporania – Palazzo Ruspoli, Nemi, Italy
2011:                    Ceramic Art Seminar and Exhibition, Cavalieri Art Hotel, St Julians
2012:                    Rassegna Internazionale D’Arte “Cittὰ di Nemi” Italy
2014:                    Xebgha Nies – St James Cavalier, Valletta
2014:                    Art Exhibition at the Hotel Marina, St Julians
2014:                    Ongoing exhibition at the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, Valletta
2014:                    The Bieganski Art Festival, Valletta
2015:                    Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Cavalieri Art Hotel, St Julians
2015:                    Running with Scissors -The Splendid, Valletta